Case Study - Guardian Of Angel Trust

Goal - Donation Collection

Client Introduction

“Guardian of angel trust” is a non-profit-organization for animals located in bahadurgarh. They provide shelter and security to stray animals and also provide medical treatment to injured street animals. This charity is founded by “Hari Kishan Mangle”. He and his team take care of all the animals in the shelter. They feed and treat animals only on the basis of donations they receive from the public. So, they contacted Soft digital agency to collect donations through our facebook and google ads service.

Challenges For Us

Hari Kishan mangle had come in contact with us in the month of April but the challenge was they were in urgent need of donation because they had to shift their place of shelter as their land contract was about to expire. So, we are under pressure to gather enough so that new land can be acquired to build a shelter and hundreds of street animals can be saved from being homeless.

Results Generated

We started with Google Ads and Facebook Ads to get quick results. After setting up a full ad campaign funnel, we had run different types of ads campaigns on facebook and youtube ads and they drastically gave the results. We have just started in the beginning of April and till the end of month we had collected more than 4 lakh rupees for that trust Angel of guardian trust”.
“Doing work is great but doing work for a great cause leads to satisfaction and happiness”, because our work helped them to get food, and shelter to live.

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