Ecommerce Ads

Create A Sustainable Source Of Traffic And Revenue By Getting Your Products Discovered And Purchased By Customer

Create A Sustainable Source Of Traffic And Revenue By Getting Your Products Discovered And Purchased By Customer

Emerging Importance Of Ecommerce Advertisement

The craze and love for online shopping are increasing with the increased number of internet users which opens up doors to big opportunities in e-commerce businesses. Statistics show 85 percent of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase. Among those 75 percent of people never scroll past the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs). This shows if your target customers don’t find your brand at the top of SERPs, you are losing out on significant leads and sales.

With the increasing demands and online behavior of consumers, eCommerce advertising serves as the only way to increase your reach as well as sales. eCommerce advertising can become is a valuable marketing channel for startups and large companies looking to boost their revenue. Even if you’ve just begun your business for the first time, you can still reach out to thousands of prospects on search engines through eCommerce ads.

Benefits Of Ecommerce Advertisements

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    Get qualified traffic with eCommerce Advertisements

    The biggest benefit of PPC or eCommerce Ads is that you don’t have to wait for results.

    PPC or Ecommerce advertisement can start driving relevant and targeted traffic to your website.

    In comparison, traditional advertising strategies target everyone and anyone, which means you’re paying for people who are not your targeted audience.

    With the targeting options running e-commerce PPC ads, you can attract more qualified leads or potential customers who are interested in purchasing your products.

    Our professional’s ad managers will help your business to maximize the value of PPC.

    A Cost-effective advertising option

    Soft Digital Agency provides you eCommerce Ads or PPC management service also include strategic bid management to make your campaign more effective. We help your company optimize your monthly ad spend by ensuring your e-commerce ad campaigns maintain cost-effective bids throughout the month.

    Create hyper-targeted ads with eCommerce PPC

    Ecommerce ads come up with various significant features number of targeting options. These options make it one of the best online advertising strategies available. With the various targeting options available, we at Soft Digital Agency make your ad campaign more targeted and result-oriented.

    A few examples of targeting options available in Google Ads include to make your ad campaign more specific: Location , Demographics , Device , Interests , Behavior , Topics

    You can also take advantage of remarketing when it comes to ad targeting to increase the number of sales.

    Instant brand awareness with eCommerce Ads or PPC

    Ecommerce Ads are a great way to boost awareness of your eCommerce store. Ecommerce(PPC) ads can boost brand awareness by 80%

    Brand awareness is a worthwhile goal for businesses but many business owners don’t focus on this. But when you dedicate some of your ad strategy to brand awareness, we can help you to capture future market share by focusing on users in earlier stages of the digital marketing buying funnel. This can increase your revenue multiple times if executed in a timeline.

    e-Commerce Advertisements Is Measurable Strategy

    Ecommerce Ads are also incredibly easy to track and measure the success of your campaigns.

    Via Google Ads’ conversion tracking, you can gauge the effectiveness of your PPC Ad campaigns and determine how many ad clicks lead to website purchases, phone calls, blog signups, and more. Google Analytics also provides more insight into your ad campaign which makes it possible to optimize it more accurately.

    Why use our eCommerce Advertisement services?

    E-commerce Advertisement services offer your business many advantages including:

    Saves time

    You can save your immense amount of time by using our eCommerce Advertisements Service. Our experienced and dedicated account manager manages your e-Commerce ad campaign which helps you to achieve the desired result in business.

    Get top ranking in search results

    A paid ad offers your business a top spot in search results, whether you’re using Google Search ads or Google Shopping ads. Get ahead of competitors by increasing your reach to your potential shoppers.

    Generate immediate sales

    To grow your sales, as well as your eCommerce company, we have a proven pay-per-click advertising strategy to grow your business. Our Soft Digital Agency can help you to take full advantage of this strategy, and achieve the goal of your business.

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