Email marketing management and services

Email Marketing is the one of the best marketing platforms for professionals and a serious targeted audience for your business.

If you are facing a problem in writing content of your email messages and managing it? NO problem SoftDigital Agency offer Email Marketing & Management service that allows us to design, test, and send your emails for you.

We can design your Emails that are interactive and matching with your brand. Content & Images cost additional.

We will design template, content, typography, interactive buttons and links, three graphics or fewer, online reviews and revisions, and distribution on a secure server for up to 50,000 recipients, if you take our monthly campaign plan.

What can we do for you?

Here are all things that we can do in Email Marketing fro you.

Multiple Newsletter Designing

We will design responsive, attractive and amazing Newsletter for your business. We will create reusable templates that automatically load. This will save you a significant amount of time when you create a new email, and allow you and your team to easily get your messages out the door.

We find the best content for your message and design to get more conversion on sales.

Unlimited autoresponder

We will create an unlimited number of autoresponders for your email list.When your user action is triggered, then the autoresponder starts working automatically including signup, welcome email, promotional emails.

View subscriber statistics

Find the your Email subscriber that always opens your emails and respond to us. We will track everything that subscribers will do with our Emails and we will target, push for conversions.

Features Small Business Mid Size Business E-Commerce Business
₹8,000/ $110 PER MONTH
₹12,000/ $165 PER MONTH
₹18,000/ $ 250 PER MONTH
LinkedIn Business Page Creation
Goal Analysis
Competitors Analysis
Audience Research

Purpose of email marketing

If you want to grow your business online then Email marketing is the best platform because of a serious audience and targeted audience.

Our Email Marketing services help your business to grow fast, build trust with your audience, inform your audience for upcoming news and events. So, you must do E-mail marketing for your business.

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