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Show Ads Only To Interested Buyer and Pay Only When Clicked

Want rapid growth in your business?

Don’t worry, we help businesses with our Google Ads services to achieve their business objective in a very short period. Soft Digital Agency helps you with google ads services to achieve targets immediately whether it is to increase traffic, creating brand awareness, or lead generation.

What Is Google Advertising?

Google advertising is one of the best ways to target your potential customer. It allows you to reach them where they’re already looking, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Soft digital agency can deliver a custom Google Ads Service to help you increase both conversions and revenue for your company with our Ads management services.

The digital marketing flow is shifting and many companies are looking for fast and effective ways to position their brands in front of high-converting customers and Increasing their search engine visibility to get immediate results with the best Google Ads Service at Soft Digital Agency.

Why business owners choose Google Ads Service?

Search ads can increase your brand awareness by 80%

The top 3 paid ads get 46% clicks on the google search result page

Video ads get 73% more time clicks than banner ads

Steps Included In Google Ads Service/Campaign

Keyword discovery and selection

Ad text writing

Designing and optimizing landing pages

Bid Management and Optimizing

Call/Conversion and Tracking

Monitoring and reporting

Google Ads Campaign Management Strategy

We can understand the Google ads Implementation process by given steps:

Identifying Profitable Keywords

With the help of latest tools, our Google ads manager finds potential and profitable keywords related to your business that your customers are using to find you on the web. Keywords help to develop a further content marketing strategy.

Bid Management Strategy

Our experts find out the most profitable keywords which deliver a high ROI. They bid only on the high profitable keywords with less competition and monitor the campaign for higher results.

Ad Copy Designing/Copywriting

Our ads campaign manager designs an attractive ad copy with compelling lines using a call to action to drive maximum results from your campaign which helps you to get maximum results out of your limited budget.

Monitoring and Reporting Performance

Complete campaign reports are regularly documented and shared with clients as it is a part of our campaign management, it helps in maintaining transparency in work. Ads campaign is measured by our special team to find out errors and optimize it to get high ROI.

Choose The Way To Reach By Google Ads Service

Choose The Way To Reach By Google Ads Service

Search Ads are in text form, these ads can be shown in search engine results pages when consumers search for products or services related to yours.

Display Ads Campaign

Display ads are in the form of images, graphics, and banners. These ads are shown in Apps and websites your customer visits. These ads are also considered to retarget your customer and grab more attention than the text form of ads.

Video Ads Campaign

These ads are in the video form of content. 6 to 15 seconds videos are considered best to show as ads on youtube before or during the video. A video ad should include a compelling call to action to get maximum leads.

Features BASIC
(PPC Packages)
(PPC Packages)
(PPC Packages)
10,000 INR/140 USD PER MONTH
18,000 INR/140 USD PER MONTH
30,000 INR/140 USD PER MONTH
Campaign – 1
Campaign – 3
Campaign – 10
AD Groups – 2
AD Groups – 10
AD Groups – 20
Ad Copies – Maximum 6
Ad Copies – Maximum 15
Ad Copies – Maximum 50
No. of Keywords-50
No. of Keywords-100
No. of Keywords-150
Search Ads
Display Ads

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