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Soft Digital Agency helps in identifying, nurturing, managing and converting leads into sales. We can help you to attract prospectus and convert them into loyal customers.

Soft Digital Agency - Lead Generation Agency

Soft Digital Agency is a leading lead generation agency in India that helps businesses to grow by increasing the number of leads as well as sales. We have years of experience in providing lead generation services for different types of businesses. We offer you an increased number of targeted and qualified leads in B2B and B2C markets.

Leads! Leads! Leads! Today everyone is running behind leads.

But why is it so?

Well, your business success is depends on the number of sales and sales depends on the numbers of leads you are getting and,
Now, it becomes very necessary to get qualified leads for the business to increase sales and for growth of the company. Soft Digital Agency runs a high performing campaign to capture all the business leads of your market segment. Because we know the science and art of getting huge numbers of leads for businesses.

Let’s understand the meaning of this concept of lead in detail, so:

What Is Lead?

A lead is a connecting link between your prospectus and products and services of your business. When a person shows interest in your business(product or service) and they want to purchase it then it would be known as a qualified lead for our business.

A lead is generally consist of the following 3 things:


Email ID

Phone Number

Sometimes a lead does not contain a name and sometimes it is either an email id or phone number.

This email id and phone number is used to contact prospectus in further process to showcase our products and services to do a sale.
I’m sure till now you have got an idea about the importance of leads for business.

Types of Lead Magnate

Let’s understand different types of lead magnets we use to attract prospectus in lead generation funnels. In most cases these are given for free to get their contact details:

  • E-book
  • Mini-course
  • Trial of course
  • Trial of software product
  • Quiz
  • Template
  • Request for test ride of car
  • Spreadsheet
  • Mind-maps
  • Surveys
  • Coupons
  • Recording of webinar
  • Internship
  • Membership
  • Survey
  • Report Generator
  • Request to visit real estate property
  • Book a consultation call
  • Request for a free demo
  • Case Studies

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    Work Process we use for Lead Generation Campaign

    Let’s understand the process Soft Digital Agency use to design a high performing lead generation funnel for your business

    1. Defining Cost And Customer Journey

    In this first step, we built a highly effective landing page where the traffic will be directed to submit their details in sign up form in consideration of the lead magnet which we had offered them. Other than this we identify the qualified leads and target them with our products and services. With regard to this we also need to identify the cost per lead to get the most out of investment.

    2. Launching Of Lead Based Marketing Campaign

    After completion of the first step we launch a full fledged lead based marketing campaign by promoting through paid advertising on big platforms including facebook, google, Instagram, Twitter and other popular platforms.

    After selecting the best platform for lead generation marketing campaign we target a specific set of audience by targeting some particular keywords the targeted audience most probably use in particular geographical location.

    Our SEO service techniques focus on creating search engine friendly landing pages to get higher ranking.

    We work on email marketing campaigns along with the lead generation campaign with our gathered database to increase the number of sales.

    Boost Your Sales With Soft Digital Agency

    After having years of experience in providing lead generation service to various different types of businesses we can assure you for the highest results that can be driven from your investment. Here’s are some reasons why we are the best lead generation services provider in India

      Experience in working with B2B and B2C markets.
    Surety for qualified leads because we target interested customers.
    Complete understanding of the business market and consumer behavior of different segments.
    Our lead generation campaigns will help you to build a long long term relationship with customers.
    Our lead generation campaigns will help you to build a long long term relationship with customers.
    Features Small Business Mid Size Business E-Commerce Business
    LinkedIn Business Page Creation
    Goal Analysis
    Competitors Analysis
    Audience Research
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