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With over more than 71 million active users in India, LinkedIn becomes one of the biggest social networks with more than 50 percent of the user base possess a college degree and the numbers are growing at a very fast speed every single day.    the professional’s platform.

LinkedIn Advertising Formats

LinkedIn advertising formats are divided into three categories described below:

Sponsored content

This advertising form will appear in a LinkedIn member’s feed amongst posts and content from an individual's LinkedIn connections. On LinkedIn many companies opt for sponsored content for the following reasons: To increase traffic to the website To increase leads To increase views on LinkedIn Views

Text ads

Text ads are shown on the side, bottom, or top of a member’s feed-in LinkedIn. The benefits of text ads include: Ease of different multiple ratio and sizes of posts To grab the audience attention quickly Sends quality traffic to a website

Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn messenger helps in sending personalized messages straight to your prospective clients. This tool is considered ideal for giving a personal touch to your advertising method. This advertising is the best method to reach your audience with relevant content directly in their messaging inbox.

Why Soft Digital Agency Is Considered The Best LinkedIn Advertising Agency?

Taking support of a marketing agency in your LinkedIn advertising campaign will help you to gain an extra advantage over your competitors and provides you the best results under a limited budget by developing and working on an efficient ad campaign strategy for you.

Several benefits offered by LinkedIn Marketing Agency are:

1.Training and knowledge assistance from professionals.

2.All practices will be held under policies issued by LinkedIn.

3.Transparency in pricing to let you know about every expense.

4.Complete transparency in sharing performance reports.

5.To make the campaign more effective we build communication to initiate in the right direction.

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