We at Soft Digital Agency improve your website health using Technical SEO with the best techniques which enhances your visibility on search engines and makes it more user friendly as well as search engine friendly by optimizing your website according to the search engine algorithm which helps you to gain more traffic and conversion.

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What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO makes your website compatible with search engine guidelines which makes our site easy to crawl and indexed by search engine without any hindrance. Accordingly, Technical SEO includes all performance-related issues of your webpages.

On-page SEO stands for the same but the difference is Technical SEO does not include optimization of content. Rather it focuses to make the website user-friendly and search engine friendly regardless of content.

There are three main objectives of Technical SEO

Enhance Website Performance

The best time to load a website page is considered generally 2 seconds, if it is taking more than this then you are currently in a situation of losing traffic. It can surely affect your traffic as well as your rankings adversely. How? For example, if your page doesn’t load quickly, visitors may click ‘back’ and click on a competing page for the same keyword.If this happens many times and there are chances of search engines lowering your ranking and a competitor getting more visitors than you.

Easy Crawlability

There are more than 1 billion websites on the internet and you are just one of them. And search engine crawler has a limited time to spend indexing a site. A website having complicated architecture and full of unnecessary URLs and bloated code, the crawler will just abandon it after a fixed time and many of your pages may not be indexed.


60% of all Google searches come from mobiles, which makes it a more important function to perform. The importance of having a website that seamlessly loads on mobile devices cannot be exaggerated.

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LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn Business Page Creation
Goal Analysis
Competitors Analysis
Audience Research

How to Perform Technical SEO

Use SSL Certificate
Mobile-friendly website
Speed up your website
No duplicate content
Create an XML sitemap
Enabling AMP
Structure way of data
Registered Your website with Google Search engines

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