What is Twitter Package?

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Features Small Business Mid Size Business E-Commerce Business
₹8,000/ $110 PER MONTH
₹12,000/ $165 PER MONTH
₹18,000/ $ 250 PER MONTH
Twitter Marketing
Profile Creation
Background Picture Creation
Tweet – 2 Per Week
Cover Pic Creation
Hashtag Research
Active In Trending Hashtag
Creation Of List
Creation Of Poll
Following Industry Related People
Twitter Analytics Monitoring
Creation Of Moments
Twitter Ads Management
Twitter Ads Set Up – 1
Twitter Ads Set Up – 2
Twitter Ads Set Up – 5
Tweet Engagement Ads
Video Or GIF View Ads
Awareness Ads
Website Conversion Ads
In stream Video View Ads
Follower Ads
App Install Ads
App Re Engagement
Audience Creation
Monthly Report