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According to a survey people use to watch 5 hours of online video content per day. This gives us a big opportunity to showcase our product and services in front of our potential customers

What Are The Benefits Of Advertising Service?

When you start looking at the benefits of using an advertising service, You may wonder about the power of advertising service. How a Video ad campaign can lead to unimaginable growth in your business.

People watch videos

When you invest in video advertising services, you’re investing in a method that works. People are 10 times more likely to engage with a video than a block of text. Interesting video content will encourage your audience to interact with your page. And the interested user is more likely to be converted.

Video sharing

Videos are easily shareable and the content in the video encourages the viewer to share it with their friends In fact, 92 percent of people share videos after watching it, this number opens up the door to a big opportunity. It helps us to bring in new leads for our business.

Video ads lead to conversions

Videos are extremely powerful for helping your business to bring new leads and earn conversions. Simply by including a video on your landing page, you can increase your conversion rate up to 80 percent. Investing in video ads services can help you to get more conversions in your business.

Quick Information Delivery

In this fast-moving world, people have a scarcity of time to consume information. If the option is given to watch a 30-second video or to read an article by spending five minutes, they will choose to watch the video because videos become the very easy method to gain knowledge.

Most Popular Video Advertising Platforms

Some of the most popular video advertising platforms you can use to advertise for higher growth:

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    Being a great social media video sharing platform. It made it easy for your audience to watch and share videos organically on this platform. Facebook also offers paid advertising videos to help you reach new customers.

    Twitter is another big social platform that offers both organic and paid videos. It becomes an easy way to boost engagement and catch your audience’s attention as they scroll through their news feed.

    Instagram focuses on videos and photos as these are very helpful to gain the audience's attention, So it’s very common to see video advertisements on this platform. You can create video ads that seamlessly blend into users’ newsfeeds and gain new leads.

    YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world because so many people search for videos to get information or for entertainment videos. As youtube is crowded with different types of audiences it becomes a great opportunity for you to upload videos and create video advertisements to reach new subscribers.

    Pinterest is known as an image-sharing platform but still, you can use videos to advertise your products and give people a better idea about your products.

    LinkedIn is another great social media platform we can use for video sharing to get new leads. You can create professional advertisements to reach out to leads and connect with other businesses.

    Ideal Length For Video Advertisement

    People don’t engage in lengthy videos so, it’s better to keep video ads short to increase the engagement of people.

    Let’s focus on the ideal length of video advertisement:

    For best results, keep your video ads around 30 seconds, as they are the best performers on Facebook.

    The ideal length for Twitter is considered is between 15-20 seconds in video advertising.

    The ideal length to increase engagement with your audience and build their interest in your products or services is 30-60 seconds.

    The length of video ads should be around 25-30 seconds but as it is a video sharing platform you can make organic videos up to 2 minutes or longer if needed but do not extend unnecessarily.

    Like all of the above platforms, the best time of video ads is 15-30 seconds on Pinterest but it offers you 30 seconds for video ads.

    LinkedIn allows businesses to create videos up to 10 minutes long, but to capture more leads it is recommended to keep videos short around 30 seconds.

    Results We Can Measure With Video Ads

    Every Social media platform provides analytics to measure the effectiveness of our ad campaign to make it more engaging and to drive more results through the advertising campaign.

    We will get the below metrics with video advertising:

    Click-Through Rate (CTR)

    CTR helps you to know about the number of interested audiences. The number of people is clicking on your ad.

    Cost Per View

    While running an ad campaign we bid on a specific amount for our ad and cost per view helps us to see the amount we are spending for our views.


    The number of views also helps in comparing the number of views with the number of people who could have watched it.

    Average Watch Time

    Average watch time helps us to know how well the audience is engaging with our ad campaign.

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